We have two options for optimizing your Google Business Profile: The GBP Strategy Development service, and GBP Set-Up & Optimization service. To get started, please fill out the form below.

One-Time Strategy Development

For those who have a GBP already and are looking to maximize it as well as increase conversions from their GBP listing.

✅Deep dive call to understand your target audience, core services, service areas, etc.

✅Development of a GBP posting strategy and delivery of calendar with topics.

One-time Set-Up and Optimization

✅Kick-off meeting to gather information and images

✅We claim/create your Google My Business profile if necessary

✅Initiate the Google verification process (if necessary) or help you prepare for the video verification process.

✅Optimization of your profile for your business by filling in all of the relevant information, images, etc. that you can provide.


Here’s How to Get Started

On-Boarding: Submit your request by filling out the intake form below.

Kick-Off Session: We will reach out to you to schedule a kick-off session. This purpose of this session is to determine the scope of the project and to gather key information about your business (target audience, core services, service areas, targeted keywords, etc.)

Google Business Profile Strategy Development: Based on the information gathered during the kick-off session, we develop a personalized posting strategy for informing and connecting with your customers.

Google Business Profile Set-Up & Optimization: After the kick-off session (if you haven’t claimed your profile) we will claim/create your profile and initiate the Google verification process. Next, we will optimize your profile by filling in all of the relevant information and adding images.

Let’s Get Started!

Google Business Profile Optimization Option